10 Tips for Taking Care of Your Wig

With the present quality of wigs available, styling your hair has never been simpler! There are a couple of tips and tricks to keep your wig putting its best self forward. Here are our top ten tips for styling wigs.

1. Water Bottle

Use a water bottle filled with perfect, cool water to gently spritz your wig while styling. Spritzing the wig with the water bottle and utilizing your fingers to style can assist with rejuvenating limp strands or smooth frizz without washing the entire wig while likewise eliminating friction based electricity. Most short wigs are not difficult to control utilizing only your fingertips, and longer wigs can be smoothed down with the hands also.

2. Never Brush a Wet Wig

Never brush a wet wig. It is at this point that your wig is weakest and most susceptible to damage. Brushing a wet wig can permanently stretch and damage it.

When brushing your dry wig, consistently utilize a brush explicitly intended to use with wigs, as normal brushes made for regular hair can pull on and harm the wig strands. Utilize short strokes on wigs with waves or free twists, as not to pull the twist out of the strand. For smooth styles, utilize long strokes with light tension. Utilize a pick brush to tenderly style curl twists to lessen frizz and oversee fly aways.

3. Wig Care Products

Only use styling and washing products intended for wigs. Never use items intended for human hair. Most regular shampoo and conditioner designed for regular hair will weigh down your wig’s strands, causing it to appear heavy and greasy. The use of wig-friendly mousse is an extraordinary way to hold your wig’s style. Work mousse through dry, smooth styles and gently brush for delicate hold. For wavy styles, apply mousse to hands and softly scrunch the style.

4. No Heat

Try not to utilize warmed styling devices with wigs that are not explicitly marked as “heat agreeable” or 100% human hair. Heat will harm manufactured filaments and can dissolve or consume them, demolishing the wig.

5. Reestablishing Style

To restore your wig to it’s unique style, wash the wig in cool water using shampoos and conditioners intended for use with wigs, and then air dry. This will permit the strands to get back to their unique state and give you a fresh start for perpetual styling conceivable outcomes.

6. More Volume?

For volume at the roots, brush or back brush the underside of individual layers, smoothing the highest point of the strands back as you go. For a light lift, utilize a wig brush to delicately lift the roots from the cap. Softly spray with a water bottle to set the style.

7. Cutting Your Wig

Indeed, you can cut your wig. Redo your look by having an expert beautician with wig trimming experience to trim and shape your wig. Make certain to get the beautician to cut the wig while you are wearing it for a look that is custom-made to your specific face shape.

8. Keeping Your Wig On While Styling

Wearing a jaw tie can assist with holding the wig set up while it is being trimmed or styled. This forestalls slippage and guarantees that you get your style looking perfectly.

9. Styling Bangs

Styling bangs on your wig requires a touch of artfulness. At the point when you put your wig on, position it somewhat underneath the normal hairline with the bangs generally pushed off of the face. To get volume in the bangs, brush them from the underside with a vertical stroke and let the bangs fall straight.

10. Decorate

Customize the vibe of your wig by adding scarves or headbands on top. Utilizing these frills can assist with adding shading and splendor around the face.

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