7 Tips On Celebrating The Holidays In A Personal Care Facility

For many, special times of the year means making a trip back to where they grew up and going through the Christmas season with loved ones. Suppose a parent, grandparent, or cherished one is residing in a personal care facility by chance. In that case, you might have inquiries regarding how to cause the occasion to feel as merry as could be expected for the person in question. Noticing special times of year in a personal care facility does not need to be sterile or ordinary. With the proper methodology, you can bring seasonal happiness to your loved one. Here are a few ways to praise special times of year in a personal care facility:

1. Try Not to Ignore the Holiday

If your parent or other relative has moved to a personal care facility, do not disregard that this will likely be their first occasion away from home. Talk about it, and recognize the circumstance straightforwardly and truly. Your loved one will most likely be thankful to you for not disregarding it and for showing that you comprehend that your loved one is making a significant change in their life. Your personal care facility director will probably appreciate hearing your arrangements to create special times of the year inside the facility similarly as eventful.

For a few, recognizing that they can not spend special times of the year in their own home can be hard to do. In the event that your loved one would rather not talk about the circumstance, you should respect their choice. That being said, don’t totally disregard the circumstance or pretend that special times of the year are not coming.

2. Plan Right

Many personal care facility home offices are available to the possibility of—and surprisingly thankful for—occasion parties for the occupants, as long as they are arranged ahead of time. Discuss the chance of a personal care facility holiday party with staff and other individuals. Talk with your loved one and different residents to see whether there is anything they truly want to host at the gathering. Plan games, hang up embellishments, and don’t forget about the food!

3. Bring Your Loved One Some Holiday Food

Make sure you ask permission from the personal care facility staff prior to making any plans.  As long as it’s alright, bring your loved one some holiday food you made at home; this can cause your loved one to feel that they are participating in a part of the holiday customs. The food will remind your loved ones that you consider them and remember them during the holiday season. Remember to ensure that the food meets your loved one’s dietary limitations assuming the person is on certain medications, has specific ailments, or can not eat particular nourishment for other reasons.

4. Give the Right Gift

Knowing what to get a friend or family member who is a long-term nursing home resident can be difficult. Some extraordinary gift ideas include: 

  • Stationery or note cards;
  • A new schedule with significant family dates set apart on it
  • An address book that is loaded up with companion’s and family’s contact information
  • Comfortable and comfortable clothing
  • Framed photographs of adored ones
  • Books or magazines
  • Movies or TV shows
  • A membership to a paper or magazine 
  • A new warm robe and slippers

5. Bring the Whole Family

If you have a huge family, there is no question that your older loved one could not imagine anything better than to see every single grinning face. Assuming there are new infants in the family or little youngsters who the resident has not seen as of late, bring them to the visit. The more individuals you can get together with, the more occasion-like and merry it will feel. Simply ensure you get consent from the personal care facility staff first, if there is customarily a cutoff on the number of individuals who can visit at one time.

6. Gather Holiday Cards

Displaying holiday cards at home from companions, neighbors, and family is a typical custom. Why not carry that equivalent custom to your loved one who is in a personal care facility? Gather holiday cards that are addressed to the personal care facility resident from loved ones, and afterward, surprise your old loved one by placing them in their room. The person will be stunned and appreciative to see the number of individuals who are thinking of them during the holiday season.

7. Do the Shopping for Them

Most individuals in a personal care facility can not leave the building, mainly alone. In any case, this does not imply that grandmother or grandpa would rather not buy presents for the family. Help your older loved one out and inquire whether you can buy and wrap presents for their benefit. When the family visits the personal care facility, have the gifts prepared to introduce. This will cause your older loved one to feel ready to take an interest in the special times of year regardless of being in a personal care facility.

Visiting Personal Care Facility Residents 

Before planning for special times of year in a personal care facility or seeking after any of the personal care facility’s occasion plans above, ensure you check with the facility staff. Some personal care facilities have specific rules regarding festivities, particularly having Christmas trees in rooms,  assuming many patients require serious clinical care.

For further information about celebrating the holidays in an assisted living facility, please contact Mary and Martha’s Personal Care at 

(706) 866-7454 or find them online at maryandmarthaspersonalcare.com.

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