8 Things to Do On New Year’s Eve With Your Loved One In A Personal Care Facility

Have you ever wondered how to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your loved one in a personal care facility? If so, we’ve got you covered. Here are ten ideas to help you make the most of this holiday season!

1) Treat them to their favorite meal

Because of limited mobility, people in a personal care facility may miss out on getting their favorite foods or having them prepared just how they like. It’s important to show that you love them by treating them to their favorite meal. Make sure it’s something healthy and delicious! It might not be every day, but it will make an impact.

2) Involve the staff

The staff member is a critical component of celebrating NYE with your loved one. Make sure you reach out and get input from them early. They can decorate, but if there are other things they would like to contribute or plan, let them be involved! Make it memorable: Make New Year’s Eve special for your loved one. If they have lost certain senses such as sight or hearing, use their remaining senses to make it an enjoyable time for them.

3) Make it social-media worthy

Most of us avoid visiting people at long-term care facilities out of some sense of embarrassment or inconvenience. While we hope for good health and independence, circumstances happen that require us to visit now and then. The idea is not that you don’t have other things to do – but it is about being mindful about how you spend time with your loved ones at a crucial time of need. This can be both social-media-worthy and life-worthy!

4) Bring in decorations

There are no outside decorations, but you can always bring something special from home. Something they might not get otherwise. Because of their condition, likely, they don’t receive as many cards or gifts as they used to, so you can brighten their day by bringing some good cheer into their lives.

5) Get help from family members

Getting help from family members is a great way to celebrate without worrying about cleaning up after yourself. Have them set everything up before you arrive and have someone come by later that night for cleanup. Your family members will be happy you brought them into your celebration and will be appreciative of all their work! Plus, it is a chance for everyone to catch up on each other’s lives if you haven’t seen each other often!

6) Do something new and different

Change up your typical routine for NYE. Many of our activities are repetitive, and it’s easy to become stagnant when we do them over and over again. Try something new and different. Take your loved one somewhere new. Take them to a restaurant they haven’t been to before (or at least order something they usually don’t). Take public transportation instead of driving yourself.

7) Compliment them (even if they don’t notice, they still love hearing it!)

Tell your loved ones that they look nice today. There’s something really special about a compliment, even if it doesn’t go both ways. When you tell someone that they look nice, or that you like their shoes, or anything else positive, your visit will be all that much better. It might not seem like much when you think about it, but making sure someone knows how important they are to you is a huge deal.

8) Love them even more than you did before!

Spend some extra time with them, shower them with love and affection, and let them know that you’re always there for them no matter what happens. Get close and use these moments of clarity to connect emotionally. Whether they are conscious or not, it’s always important to show how much you appreciate them being in your life.

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