Aluminum Versus Wood Home Enclosures

Aluminum Versus Wood Home Enclosures. Which is Better?

Are you debating between building a patio versus a screened porch enclosure? When building aluminum screen enclosures, Red Bank Aluminum in Chattanooga, TN is prepared to create your new living space the way you prefer, with a custom design to help complement your home. If you are planning on building an addition to your home, the new addition needs to function and look its best.

Red Bank Aluminum offers a variety of aluminum screen enclosures from major manufacturers.

By using Ballew’s aluminum products, your aluminum screen enclosures will provide:

  • a clean look
  • a lifetime of durability
  • none of the disadvantages of wood

Top-quality aluminum construction keeps your patio or screened porch enclosure looking new and elegant for years to come. Plus aluminum is virtually maintenance-free!
Some homeowners may opt for screened patios made of wood. However, they are often unaware of wood’s long-term disadvantages. Wood can split, become rotten, or suffer weathering by the elements. While aluminum structures last in regard to both appearance and structural integrity.

The Benefits Of Using Aluminum Vs. Wood:

Low Maintenance: Aluminum screen enclosures require almost zero-maintenance over the years. Wood structures typically require additional yearly maintenance costs as the wood ages.

Weather Resistant: Unlike wood, there is no rotting, dry rot, peeling or corroding that occurs with aluminum. Aluminum screen enclosures are not affected by outdoor elements and will not become brittle or warped.

Moisture Resistant: Our top-quality aluminum materials can be used in almost any environment. For instance, they can be used next to swimming pools, hot tubs or simply in a humid backyard.

Pest Resistant: You will never have a termite or other wood-destroying insect problem with Red Bank Aluminum’s patio coverings, screen room enclosures or sunrooms. One of the most frightening aspects of pest infestation is not only the safety hazards they pose but also the possibility of bugs spreading to other areas of your home.

Fire Safety: Aluminum is a fire-resistant material and helps protect your family against house fires.

Increased Home Value: Aluminum adds long-term value to your home because of its clean lines, structural integrity and lifetime of durability. Additionally, with a screened enclosure, the square footage of your home is increased, subsequently increasing your home’s value.

For all these reasons and more, well-designed aluminum patio screen enclosures and sunrooms using Ballew’s aluminum are consistently a popular choice. Client’s of Red Bank Aluminum appreciate the benefits of aluminum over wood. As a result, they consistently choose Red Bank Aluminum to design and build patio enclosures or sunrooms for their homes.

Aluminum screen enclosures, patios, porches, and sunrooms not only provide protection from the outdoor elements but also create well-defined structures to complement every home. Your outdoor living area should provide the extra space and comfort you deserve and also last a lifetime.

Red Bank Aluminum in Chattanooga, TN has built thousands of patios, screens, pool enclosures, and sunrooms. We are a local company, ready to help you learn more about a quality screen enclosure, sunroom, patio or deck for your home.

Red Bank Aluminum in Chattanooga, TN offers free home consultations, so please contact them today at (423) 877-0142.

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