Ann Orr – BeneFit for Women Member Spotlight

BeneFit for Women Member Spotlight

Ann Orr

Ann Orr is a proud member of Benefit For Women. She is also a proud mother of two and grandmother of four. Ann is very active in her community and attends Boynton United Methodist Church where she teaches an adult Sunday school class. She is also the President of United Methodist Women. Additionally, one Wednesday a month, before the Wednesday night service, Ann can be found in her church’s kitchen cooking dinner for over forty-five church members!

Ten years ago, a physician-diagnosed Ann with diabetes. She came to BeneFit for Women to lose weight and lower her A1C. In four very successful months, she lowered her A1C and lost thirty pounds!

This year, Ann underwent rotator cuff surgery. She continued her recovery at BeneFit For Women with the exercises she learned in physical therapy. Most of the equipment she used in physical therapy can be found at our women’s only gym! Many ladies have been referred to Benefit For Women for the purpose of continuing the good habits learned while in recovery for an injury or surgery.

Ann enjoys weight lifting, but her favorite activity is using the rowing machine. She likes to row for cardio because it is easy on her knees and, at the same time, her upper body gets a good workout. Ann also likes the lat/row machine because it builds strength along the back and across the shoulders. She is also learning to push herself with the elliptical machine. Initially, Ann could only utilize the elliptical for two to three minutes at a time. This week she reached her goal of one mile on the elliptical in seventeen minutes. Her new goal is two miles!

Ann says she enjoys visiting the gym for the purpose of relieving her mind of all peripheral stress. She enjoys the pleasant atmosphere and wants to get as much of that into her week as possible.

Ann has a good piece of advice for any woman looking to feel better and be healthier. She knows a nice, clean place with friendly women and encouraging staff- BeneFit for Women.

We appreciate Ann and all of our friends at BeneFit For Women. Please share happy times and awesome experiences with us!

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