Valentine’s Lovin’

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. We know many of our residents have friends and family members near and far who will send them little notes of love and kindness. We also recognize that some of our residents will be missing loved ones like spouses and significant others. We encourage all our residents to participate in the activities we have around our campus. 

Our staff members will encourage door and room decorating with easy-to-create crafts and notes. You can choose to decorate your doors with your fellow residents, or you can choose to invite friends and family members to participate in the Valentine’s Lovin’ decor. Valentine’s day is all about spreading love and joy to others. It’s the preview to Spring and warmer promises. We’d love to see our residents start thinking about future gardening opportunities and sunny days ahead. Though our weather isn’t quite warm enough for garden walks or patio time, it’s time to think about brighter colors that tie into Valentine’s day, like pinks, yellows, purples, and whites. 

We’d love to see our residents participate in a Valentine’s Day Lovin’ Dance. Get on your dancing shoes and show us your moves! We’ll be playing some of the classics from the Beetles, Frank Sinatra, Etta James, Louis Armstrong, and more, mixed with some newer love songs from Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Michael Bublè, and others. We’ll encourage a few dances for this month’s exercise and meet and greets.

Valentine’s Day & Your Confidence

We’ve previously discussed how the right wig can help boost your confidence as you experience your hair loss journey. As women, we generally identify femininity with our hair or our curves. The ability to style our hair to our liking or to color our hair to fit our personalities can seem imperative when we’re trying to feel like ourselves. Often, we associate our confidence, romance abilities, and femininity with our ability to find love, keep love, or date. Holidays like Valentine’s day symbolize love and romance, but what happens when you’re going through something traumatic enough to steal your feelings of femininity or confidence?

Our staff here at The Wig Palace can help you regain your confidence and femininity through our variety of wigs. We can work with you to achieve the look and vibe you desire, regardless if it’s for you, your significant other, or your potential date. We’ll work hard to make you feel your best and look your best. As we’ve discussed, we can help suggest cuts, styles, accessories, and colors that match your ideal look. We can compare your look before this journey begins if you bring in pictures. If you’re looking to spice things up, you can show us images that make you feel adventurous, sultry, or however, you’d like to feel.

For us, Valentine’s day is a way to celebrate yourself and see how truly beautiful you are no matter your hair journey. Schedule your appointment today!

Workers’ Compensation, SSI, Disability & Your Taxes

Like most Americans, you are probably gearing up for tax season. Compiling your taxes is challenging when you must grab all your tax forms like W2s, 1099s, 1098s, and any other income forms. The biggest question most people have is if their workers’ compensation, disability, or social security counts towards their taxes and income for the year.

Workers’ Compensation

If you were one of our clients during 2022, and we helped you receive workers’ compensation, you do not need to report it for your taxes. According to the IRS, you do not have to report any income from any workers’ compensation you received during the year. In fact, the IRS states that those who received workers’ compensation for any work-related injury or sickness through law or act such as compensatory (but not punitive) damages for physical injury or illness do not need to include the amount for their Earned Income Credit (EIC). 

Social Security & Disability 

If you received disability or social security during 2022, then you will need to count it for your EIC. However, if you received disability benefits under a no-fault insurance policy for loss of income due to your injuries, then you do not need to count it toward your EIC. This rule also applies to the permanent loss of function or total loss of a body part due to an accident. 

Contact our staff here at Logan-Thompson, PC, if you have any additional questions. 

New Year, New Opportunities

We know that the New Year may bring new feelings and new opportunities. Sometimes, new opportunities can be scary or intimidating; however, our friendly staff can help guide you through any of these feelings as the New Year begins. We’re all so used to the idea of “New Year, New You” with New Year Resolutions, etc. We like to embrace the you that you are, but with an emphasis on new opportunities here at Mary and Martha’s. 

We have plenty of activities here at our lovely facility. With the current weather, it’s a great time to try some of our indoor activities, such as learning the piano, singing, crocheting, and more. You’re never too old to learn a new skill and embrace learning. We love our community, as we all can learn from each other. Many of our residents have worked and lived wonderful lives with vast skills and hobbies from all over. You never know what you might learn from your fellow seniors here at our residence. In fact, this is just one of the new opportunities we’d like to embrace for 2023. 

We’d like to hear from our residents if they’d like to teach others a new skill this year. We’d love to continue the learning process for any of our residents. A New Year means new skills, new friends, and new opportunities. You never know how fantastic your neighbor may be or how incredible their journey was before they chose to live at Mary and Martha’s.

Scalp Treatments During Chemo

Doctors may recommend different scalp treatments to care for your scalp as you go through the chemotherapy and radiation process. The internet has valuable suggestions and information for the dos and don’ts of scalp care. Fortunately, we’ve read numerous articles and patient testimonies to develop a suggestion list of scalp treatments and ideas for you. 

We’ve discussed shaving your head as hair loss occurs, and most people suggest taking it down to a buzz instead of a clean, bare scalp. You’ll want to care for your scalp with a hydrating, chemical-free shampoo. If you choose to use a conditioner, follow the same guidelines. Many non-hydrating ingredients and harmful chemicals are often labeled suspiciously, as parabens are dangerous to the hair and skin; you will also want to watch out for prefixes like ethyl, butyl, methyl, or propyl. 

Patients agree that these guidelines are great for lotions and serums, too. You’ll want cooling and hydrating lotions to help with the redness and itchiness accompanied by the chemotherapy and hair loss process. To avoid further irritation, you’ll want to stay away from heavy fragrance-based and petroleum-based lotions and focus on lotions or oils with vitamin E. Petroleum is a thick skin protectant, so it won’t allow your scalp to breathe. You’ll want to refrain from scalp stimulators as they can irritate your scalp during the transition. Many patients rave about lavender, coconut, and sunflower oil for scalp hydration. 

Hopefully, this helps your process through chemotherapy and radiation.

Historic Verdict with Logan-Thompson, P.C.

Logan-Thompson has worked for small and large businesses and corporations in business litigation for years. We focus on providing detailed services to help our clients win and resolve business disputes. We proudly represented Elkin’s Cricket Farm in Bradley County, Tennessee, against a local Co-op and Tennessee Mill Feed, who neglected their duties as a feed supplier. 

Our client purchased and used the same cricket feed for years from the local Co-op, which sold cricket feed from the previously mentioned mill. After our client’s cricket population started to dip and dwindle, our client had the cricket feed tested for harmful ingredients that could be affecting his crop. He had the mill send a representative to research and test the cricket feed, and after the mill received the results, they neglected to inform any of their clients of the pesticide-laden feed they were selling. Our client continued to purchase this feed for over five months without knowing it was contaminated and thus, killing his crickets and farm production. The original cricket population was well over 40,000,000 before 2014. However, that population dwindled in 2014, leaving our client with nearly 3,000 crickets. The client and other farmers discussed alternative products and ideas to increase cricket production and livelihood. After researching, our client found an alternative cricket feed that increased their farm’s cricket population. 

This historic verdict of over 1.6 million dollars is the highest jury verdict (in recent memory) in Bradley County, Tennessee. We’re pleased that Logan-Thompson, P.C. could help this local farmer and his cricket farm.

Rolling Video Games Empowering Individuals and Encouraging Entrepreneurship Across the US, One Trailer at a Time

Chris Hampton is not your typical entrepreneur. Rather than simply employing people, he wishes to do something more significant – empowering them.

Rolling Video Games is the culmination of this vision in which individuals are able to buy a trailer and get plugged into a network where they are immediately part of a successful business. Setting their own prices and work times, anyone can succeed at this endeavor with a decent work ethic. While friends encouraged Hampton to set up the business as a franchise, his desire to empower others pushed him in another direction. His goal, in short, is to make Rolling Video Games into the Uber of Party trailers.

Quite simply, he has created a network where one can buy a party trailer anywhere and get plugged into the same booking system. Clients then start booking parties right away. Most importantly, owners are not renting or leasing their trailers. Instead, they own them 100%. Money and freedom with complete control are some of the most significant benefits of becoming part of the Rolling Video Games network. With more than 200 party trailers across the United States, Hampton is providing professional and financial freedom to others and a great deal of fun to birthday parties and other events.

Chris Hampton started Rolling Video Games in 2009. Beginning in a North Chattanooga facility, he outgrew it, eventually moving into a 12,000-square-foot facility. Hampton has a history of starting businesses, including restaurants, patenting products, 3D printing, and a marketing company. His goals have always included empowering others and helping them to be successful. Amid all this activity, Chris has found the time to raise five kids, 3 of whom are presently in college. He hopes to include them in the family business eventually or help empower them to start their own businesses.

For further information about Rolling Video Games, please visit or call (423) 475-6696.

Holiday Ready

With the holidays coming up, it’s the season of festive clothing, accessories, trips to see Christmas lights, caroling, and giving to others. However, if you’re receiving hard health news, like cancer, we know the festive feelings may be much more blue than red and green. 

Regardless of where you’re at in your cancer and hair loss journey, just know that our wigs and wig accessories will provide you with all the “normal” holiday feels you can get while you process the moments. Ribbons, bows, Santa hats, and other holiday accessories are great for a pop of color and merry wishes as we approach the season. Plus, we understand if you received the news after you planned to attend festive events here in the Chattanooga area. When you come to The Wig Palace, our wonderful employees can sit down and discuss what events and parties you may have and make a plan for accessorizing your hair prosthetics. 

Chattanooga is blessed with amazing holiday events like our holiday and Christmas markets, tree lightings, Christmas parades, and more. We know that the season of holly and jolly moments can feel less than so if you’re dealing with hair loss and bad news. We’ll help you feel more like yourself with tips and tricks to keep your wig beautiful and party-ready.  As discussed in our last post, we can suggest the best wig styles to match your holiday outfits. 

No matter the occasion or party, our wig prosthetic experts will help make you feel merry and bright this holiday season. 

Holiday Season & Festivities

‘Tis the season for holiday festivities and fun! It’s time to gather around the tree or menorah to celebrate our loved ones and the season of giving. As with all holidays, the reason for the season stresses the importance of the occasion, but we all know the glittering lights, beautiful colors, and festivities help us feel holly and jolly. However, we also understand that the holidays can spark loneliness and depression as our community will miss family and friends who cannot visit or may have passed on. 


Spreading Holiday Cheer

Here at Mary and Martha’s, we will spread holiday cheer with decorations around our facility. We encourage family and friends to help our residents with holiday home decor to make each apartment feel extra special and meaningful. If you’re celebrating Christmas, mini trees, lights, and stockings can make each room feel a bit more holly and jolly; if you’re celebrating Hanukkah, pre-lit menorahs and white and blue decorations will help your space feel more festive. 


We know loneliness can set in especially hard during the holidays. Our staff carefully monitors all residents for signs of depression, suicide, and loneliness. We’ll encourage residents to call any family and friends or write letters or emails to them as well. We also encourage our residents to attend holiday events and festivities here in Rossville, Georgia, and our surrounding areas. 


Current holiday events: 

  • Midsouth Symphonic Community Concert (Dec. 4th-8th)
  • Holiday Jubilee at The Read House (Dec. 9th)
  • Chickamauga Christmas Parade (Dec. 10th)

Friendly Holiday Reminders

From the Logan-Thompson, PC family to yours, we wish you a wonderful holiday season. We know the holidays mean happiness, time with family, and a season of giving. People may be experiencing loneliness and depression, as they may be without their loved ones, or they might not be able to afford gifts for their children or family. Some people might be struggling, so kindness and politeness are key this holiday season. 


We’re sure we all have that distant relative that likes to spark religious, political, or just plain rude conversations, causing chaos and conflict. However, as tempting as it may be, our friendly holiday tip is to avoid confrontation. These people could become violent, resulting in assaults or crazy endeavors like theft, driving under the influence, or other situations. If there are negative and rude conversations, we recommend removing yourself and finding a better conversation. 


This season, people may be struggling with loneliness and depression. They may cope with alcohol and other substances, leading to poor choices like driving under the influence. 


If you find yourself in a car accident this season, keep in mind the following: 

  • check to make sure you and all parties involved are okay
  • call 911 if necessary
  • if possible, get out of traffic safely
  • take details of all vehicles and persons involved
  • call your car insurance 
  • wait for any authorities
  • Call Logan-Thompson, PC