Have Tea with the Queen at Mountain Oaks Manor

Mountain Oaks Manor in Ooltewah, TN is filled with fantastic paintings that have been collected over time in eclectic ways! One that has to be the most captivating is a picture of England’s glorious queen, provided no less, by local patrons who heard the owner discussing the inception of  “The Queen Room”.  Sonya Guffey, owner of the Manor, announced her intentions to embark on a trip to Florida, for the purpose of finding the most majestic picture of Elizabeth II. Along the way, she encountered a family of patrons possessing exactly what she had been searching for-a most elegant portrait of young Queen Elizabeth II, shrouded in a beautiful white chiffon dress.  In all her glory, the picture is neatly seen from every chair within the room, as everyone deserves to celebrate tea with her Majesty. 

Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is inherently a bipartisan figure who is, at this point, more humanitarian than political. Rising above partisan politics, she has evolved into a beloved figure, the entire world around.  

In highly politicized times such as these, it is often enticing to remember other figures who are rising above politics. The late humanitarian Princess Diana comes to mind, as well as Richard Branson of Virgin airlines. “The Queen Room,” is reminiscent of simpler times, as well as of love and friendship. 

It would simply not be tea without the Queen’s royal family present! The room consists of various royal accessories, perhaps reminiscent of less controversial times.  For instance, this room also boasts a plate with a portrait of a somewhat more mature Queen Elizabeth II, as well as a thimble with a picture of the Queen Mother, a plate with a picture of Henry and Meghan, and finally,  a portrait of the beloved humanitarian known simply as Princess Diana. Within all of this lavishness, the room beholds a royal nature to its decorations that easily takes the observer to a very different time and place.  In a place as beautiful as this, it is easy to forget the world’s troubles, if only for a little while.  

To see the iconic “Queen Room” for yourself, please make a reservation by calling 423-238-9333.  The room is available weekly and on some weekends for tea from 11 am-3 pm.  You can also find the Mountain Oaks Manor online at mountainoaksmanor.com

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