Post-Divorce Checklist

Congratulations!  Your divorce has, at long last, concluded.  No more cutoff times to meet, papers to record, and no additional time spent. In any case, there are still actions that need to be taken care of to begin this next step of your life authoritatively. So start making a Post Divorce Checklist, a plan of specific things you need to finish after your divorce is concluded: 

Audit your Divorce Decree: 

While it could be the keep going thing at the forefront of your thoughts, you should peruse—and once again read—your divorce decree to make a rundown of things you and your ex-life partner need to fulfill. A large portion of these things can be finished in under a month, if not sooner. 

Drop Shared Services and Make New Ones 

Close every one of the accounts you share with your ex-partner immediately. Shared services that stay open can leave you defenseless against overdrafts or illegitimate charges on your credit cards. Indeed, even before you close these records, it is astute to open your own accounts and begin generating your own FICO rating. 

Update your Insurance Policies 

Since most couples bundle their auto, home, and life insurance coverage, call your representative to examine whether you can acquire your separate coverage. Also, these records might have your ex-life partner as a beneficiary, so make sure to update this information!. Remove your ex-life partner’s name from your medical coverage by telling your HR of the divorce. On the off chance that you have youngsters, former spouses’ protection plan covering them should have been previously examined and determined during the separation procedures. 

Make Another Estate Plan 

Make or update your will, trusts, and power of attorney orders to mirror your divorce. Moreover,  such estate planning eliminates the need for an attorney or relatives to make important decisions for you should you become unable to make them for yourself.  

Change Names on Deeds and Titles 

Quitclaim deeds are often used to move property between parties associated with a divorce. These will eliminate your ex’s name or yours from the home loan as indicated by the divorce decree. Additionally, change the titles of your vehicles to reflect new possession as indicated by the pronouncement. 

Change your name 

Assuming you need to change your name back to your previous last name, you should do so at the Social Security Office. You should bring an affirmed duplicate of the divorce decree and ID, like your driver’s license or passport. Your name should be changed back to your original surname on your divorce decree. Also, change your name on your driver’s license and passport as soon as possible.

Handling these things sooner rather than later can assist you with forestalling possible future issues. When everything is finished, you can, at long last, exhale, knowing that your post-divorce checklist is completed.  

For more information on what should be done after divorce, contact Logan-Thompson, P.C. at 423-476-2251. 

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