Spring Activities for Seniors in an Assisted Living Facility

With the weather turning warm and flowers starting to bloom, it’s hard not to get excited about springtime! For seniors, however, there can be some apprehension about enjoying the season as much as they would like to. With concerns about falling or other health issues, many seniors are left wondering if any activities are good for seniors during the springtime. The good news is that there are plenty of fun things that you can do to enjoy this time of year and minimize your risk of falling or injuring yourself while doing so!

Getting Outside

There’s no better way to start a new season than to spend time outside. If you haven’t been outside in a while, it might be best to check with your doctor before going for a jog or hiking up an unfamiliar trail. Even sitting on a bench outside the facility and enjoying the fresh spring air can aid in lifting the winter blues. With their doctors’ permission, many seniors find that starting slow and increasing activity slowly is key to staying healthy and strong. Spending time outdoors helps seniors connect with nature, breathe fresh air, get sunlight, and more!


For seniors in an assisted living facility, indoor or outdoor gardening is a great hobby. A garden can be productive and therapeutic, and it gives you something to look forward to on a daily basis. Keep your back flexible with regular stretching exercises before diving into heavy work, like raking or weeding. Wear gloves when you prune branches; they’re notorious for harboring bacteria that can cause infection. And if you’re looking for an interesting alternative to weeding or digging, consider planting vines: they create shade that increases soil moisture, preventing weeds from growing. Look for ones that cover an area quickly without stealing too much water from other plants, like morning glories or runner beans.

Take a Walk

Exercise is a cornerstone of healthy aging, and walking has many benefits for seniors. Walking is low-impact and easy on joints, meaning you can do it until very late in life, but it still helps build bone density and strengthen muscles. Additionally, walking outside offers lots of opportunities for enjoying nature. Taking a walk around the perimeter of the assisted living home is a great way to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. Additionally, going for an evening walk before dinner is an easy way to help curb unhealthy snacking habits-bumping activity levels before eating can trick your body into thinking it’s already burned some calories, so you end up consuming fewer throughout your day.

Easy Spring Cleaning

Everyone loves spring, but the season can be tough on seniors with limited mobility. Instead of forcing them to sit around and watch the world go by, it’s a good idea to help them stay active. Schedule an easy spring cleaning session: organizing, dusting, vacuuming floors, etc. Simple chores like these can help keep seniors engaged. They might even feel a little more independent after completing some simple cleaning tasks.

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