What To Expect When Wearing A Wig During Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy doesn’t just take a toll on your body—it also takes a toll on your appearance. If you’re undergoing chemotherapy, the chances are that you’ll lose your hair during treatment, which can be very disheartening to deal with both physically and emotionally. Fortunately, there are solutions like wigs that allow you to continue living life as usual without worrying about your appearance or self-esteem being affected by your diagnosis.

Ask Questions

If you’re diagnosed with cancer, many questions go through your mind: How much will treatment cost? How will treatment affect my life? Will I lose my hair during chemotherapy? You’ll want answers to these questions and more before, during, and after your diagnosis. It’s important to ask lots of questions when visiting your oncologist; if you have lots of time before treatment begins or have too many symptoms for them all to be discussed in one visit, schedule follow-up appointments.

Preparing For Chemo

Before you start chemo, your doctor will give you instructions on how and when to get ready. Make sure you follow these instructions exactly. Some people, particularly women with long hair, wear wigs during chemo to help cover their heads (often too uncomfortable for many people to wear hats). Other individuals may opt for scarves or turbans. Still, wigs have a special purpose: They help protect your head from excessive sun exposure (especially important if you’re taking radiation therapy) and protect your scalp from sweat, triggering a fungal infection. If possible, try out different wigs before starting treatment—this way, you’ll know what types of wigs are comfortable enough for extended wear.

How To Select A Chemo Wig

There are many reasons why someone may decide to wear a wig, and no one will ever be able to predict how you will feel about wearing one. For some people, chemotherapy can present psychological as well as physical challenges. If you or someone in your family is going through chemotherapy, it’s probably a good idea for you to learn about wigs before cancer treatments begin. It will give you time to understand what options are available and consider what factors are important for making such an important decision. Now is also a good time for you (or someone close to you). If you have questions about chemo wigs or simply want information on different types of wigs that may make it easier for you during treatment, ask your health care team.

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