3 Reasons Why Your Daily Routine Is Important for Seniors

The older you get, the more important it becomes to develop good habits and stick to them. This importance becomes even more apparent if you’re already living with challenges associated with aging – such as diabetes, chronic pain, and arthritis. Here are three reasons why developing a daily routine is one of the best things you can do to help you stay healthy in your golden years.

Routines Can Lower Anxiety

A well-structured routine can help seniors feel more stable and in control, especially if things feel uncertain due to health or personal circumstances. People often believe that uncertainty is a good thing because it spurs us to action and helps keep us curious. However, a little uncertainty isn’t always beneficial; without structure, anxiety levels may skyrocket as people look forward with fear at everything they need to accomplish in one day. That’s why keeping a daily routine can help lower anxiety and increase calmness in seniors who are feeling uncertain.

Improved sleep quality

Achieving better sleep quality can lead to better health overall. It is known that people with insomnia are twice as likely to suffer from chronic pain and more than three times as likely to be diagnosed with depression. Sleep affects every aspect of our lives—from how we interact with other people and our environment to how we experience life emotionally. Establishing a daily routine can lower stress and anxiety, so you sleep better every night—and in turn, improve your health overall.

Increase Level of Comfort and Security

Having a routine and knowing what will happen each day gives seniors a sense of comfort and security. This type of predictability helps them avoid unnecessary stress, anxiety, and fear as they know what to expect and when it will occur. Establishing a daily routine allows you to predict what will happen and plan accordingly. So whether it’s planning a visit with family and friends or attending appointments at different locations, having a routine makes it easier to handle each activity seamlessly. As a bonus, establishing predictable patterns is often less stressful for loved ones than frequent last-minute changes in plans due to unexpected activities or situations that arise throughout their day.

Mary and Martha’s Personal Care team can create customized care plans for seniors and daily routines to fit their unique needs. We can help make every day the very best it can be for seniors and those who love them.

Contact us today at Mary & Martha’s Personal Care Facility for more information.

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