5 Things You Should Know When Applying for Social Security Disability

If you’re applying for social security disability benefits and have never done so before, you may be in for a few surprises. Before you apply, it’s important to read through this list of five things you should know about the application process and the benefits themselves. You’ll be better prepared when it comes time to fill out the paperwork, and your application will be more likely to succeed. You should know five things when applying for social security disability benefits.

You Can Apply For Benefits Immediately 

Although you may not be able to start receiving disability benefits right away, it is not true that you have to wait 12 months to apply for SSD. The reality is that you can apply for SSD benefits immediately after becoming disabled. If your medical documentation states that your injury or impairment will last longer than 12 months, you are a good candidate for Social Security Disability. 

Medical Documentation Is Needed

Not having proper documentation of your disability can result in a delayed or denied claim. If you are applying for disability due to mental illness,  records of all medical treatment and doctors’ notes in your application package are required. You may need to take some time to guarantee you have all the necessary paperwork ready. It may feel like an invasion of privacy but is crucial to receiving social security disability benefits. If a decision on your claim is delayed because you don’t have adequate documentation, time could run out before an approval is made. So make sure to gather everything that is needed upfront.

No Income Limits 

SSDI applicants are only eligible based on their disability and if they have worked enough quarters. The applicant’s income or resources are not considered; only those receiving Supplemental Security Income are subject to certain limits.

You Can Hire An Attorney To Assist You During The Process

An attorney is not required but greatly helps your chances of being approved. In fact, it’s recommended that you consult with a lawyer before filing. A lawyer can give you advice about your specific situation and help ensure that you’re submitting everything necessary and in proper order. An attorney can also be helpful if your application is denied; they will understand how appeals work and help get your claim back on track.

Your Application Will Most Likely Be Denied

Most first-time applicants are denied, so you’ll need to prepare yourself for a lengthy and arduous process. Despite what many applicants believe, your application will almost always be rejected on your first try. According to 2016 data from SSA, 65% of all initial applications were denied. And, about half of appeals court judges found claims in favor of those with disabilities 60% or less of the time—which means that it’s very important you have a good case on appeal. That said, after your appeal, your chance at approval drastically improves. 

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