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Losing My Hair, Losing Myself: How To Cope With Chemotherapy-Related Hair Loss

Hair loss can be an emotionally difficult process, especially when it’s related to chemotherapy treatment for cancer or another medical condition. When your hair starts falling out, and you have to go bald, it can be hard to feel like yourself anymore. This article covers the basics of hair loss during chemotherapy treatment. It offers […]

Cell Phone Protection Policy Saves Church

John served as the Senior Pastor of the little Church in rural Connecticut. Their attendance rarely exceeded 100, yet they were proud of the work throughout the year. Their small Church structure and modest property may not have been that of the mega-ministries, but Pastor John and his congregation were proud of it and ensured […]

Creating A Morning Routine That Works For Seniors

A routine that works can make the entire day more productive and easier to manage, whether you’re a senior or not. But, if you don’t have one already in place, starting to create one can be difficult when so many other things seem like they’re demanding your attention first thing in the morning. However, once […]

How To Stay Confident Wearing A Wig During Chemotherapy

Many people can’t imagine what it’s like to lose their hair to chemotherapy, but losing your hair isn’t the only negative side effect. Some people also struggle with low self-esteem because they don’t feel like themselves when they wear wigs through chemotherapy, which makes them feel uncomfortable and causes them to avoid leaving the house […]

Spring Activities for Seniors in an Assisted Living Facility

With the weather turning warm and flowers starting to bloom, it’s hard not to get excited about springtime! For seniors, however, there can be some apprehension about enjoying the season as much as they would like to. With concerns about falling or other health issues, many seniors are left wondering if any activities are good […]

Are You Placing Your Donors in Jeopardy of Tax Penalties

As I travel across the country assisting Churches and Clergy with their Church books and records, I am constantly amazed at the number of Churches and Pastors who feel as if they are not required or should not obtain a legal 501(c)(3) exemption for their Church and Ministry. Nothing could be further from the truth. […]

What To Expect When Wearing A Wig During Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy doesn’t just take a toll on your body—it also takes a toll on your appearance. If you’re undergoing chemotherapy, the chances are that you’ll lose your hair during treatment, which can be very disheartening to deal with both physically and emotionally. Fortunately, there are solutions like wigs that allow you to continue living life […]

How to Celebrate Easter with a Loved One in a Personal Care Facility

As the wonderful Spring weather approaches, so does the Easter Celebration Season. The joy of celebrating Easter with a loved one in a Personal Care Facility is no different from other holidays and special occasions. The best part of celebrating holidays is spending time with loved ones, and everyone appreciates being remembered and loved. There […]

Be Careful When Claiming Charitable Contributions

Over the years, our Government and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have stripped away our allowable deductions for income tax purposes. The supposed reasoning was to streamline the tax code and bring more revenue into the Government coffers. However, the tax code has not been streamlined or simplified, and regardless of the amount of revenue, […]

All Income to a Church May Not be Tax-Free

The 2017 Tax Reform Act (H.R. 1) reveals many surprises for Churches. One of these is the Unrelated Business Income section. In the past, a Church was allowed to have fund-raisers and other Unrelated Business Income (UBIT) without a requirement to report it to the Internal Revenue Service if all of that income for the […]