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Valentine’s Lovin’

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. We know many of our residents have friends and family members near and far who will send them little notes of love and kindness. We also recognize that some of our residents will be missing loved ones like spouses and significant others. We encourage all our residents to […]

Valentine’s Day & Your Confidence

We’ve previously discussed how the right wig can help boost your confidence as you experience your hair loss journey. As women, we generally identify femininity with our hair or our curves. The ability to style our hair to our liking or to color our hair to fit our personalities can seem imperative when we’re trying […]

Workers’ Compensation, SSI, Disability & Your Taxes

Like most Americans, you are probably gearing up for tax season. Compiling your taxes is challenging when you must grab all your tax forms like W2s, 1099s, 1098s, and any other income forms. The biggest question most people have is if their workers’ compensation, disability, or social security counts towards their taxes and income for […]

New Year, New Opportunities

We know that the New Year may bring new feelings and new opportunities. Sometimes, new opportunities can be scary or intimidating; however, our friendly staff can help guide you through any of these feelings as the New Year begins. We’re all so used to the idea of “New Year, New You” with New Year Resolutions, […]

Scalp Treatments During Chemo

Doctors may recommend different scalp treatments to care for your scalp as you go through the chemotherapy and radiation process. The internet has valuable suggestions and information for the dos and don’ts of scalp care. Fortunately, we’ve read numerous articles and patient testimonies to develop a suggestion list of scalp treatments and ideas for you.  […]

Historic Verdict with Logan-Thompson, P.C.

Logan-Thompson has worked for small and large businesses and corporations in business litigation for years. We focus on providing detailed services to help our clients win and resolve business disputes. We proudly represented Elkin’s Cricket Farm in Bradley County, Tennessee, against a local Co-op and Tennessee Mill Feed, who neglected their duties as a feed […]

Holiday Ready

With the holidays coming up, it’s the season of festive clothing, accessories, trips to see Christmas lights, caroling, and giving to others. However, if you’re receiving hard health news, like cancer, we know the festive feelings may be much more blue than red and green.  Regardless of where you’re at in your cancer and hair […]

Holiday Season & Festivities

‘Tis the season for holiday festivities and fun! It’s time to gather around the tree or menorah to celebrate our loved ones and the season of giving. As with all holidays, the reason for the season stresses the importance of the occasion, but we all know the glittering lights, beautiful colors, and festivities help us […]

Friendly Holiday Reminders

From the Logan-Thompson, PC family to yours, we wish you a wonderful holiday season. We know the holidays mean happiness, time with family, and a season of giving. People may be experiencing loneliness and depression, as they may be without their loved ones, or they might not be able to afford gifts for their children […]