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Post-Divorce Checklist

Congratulations!  Your divorce has, at long last, concluded.  No more cutoff times to meet, papers to record, and no additional time spent. In any case, there are still actions that need to be taken care of to begin this next step of your life authoritatively. So start making a Post Divorce Checklist, a plan of […]

Giving During Covid

Your church might have reduced face-to-face administrations and exercises in light of the COVID-19 epidemic.  Nevertheless, there is no halting your church’s finances, contracts, and other monetary commitments.  Astute church pioneers will need to be proactive and do everything they can to help their parishioners stay associated with the church, overcome this monetary crisis, and […]

Divorce in the State of Tennessee and COVID-19

There is no question that the COVID-19 epidemic has led to unprecedented stress among married couples.  Reasons for divorce during this crisis can include: Quarantining together leading to the uncovering of previously unresolved relationship issues.   Conflicts over whether to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. Unequal distribution of household responsibilities including, but not limited to, childcare […]

Things to Consider When Buying a Wig in Anticipation of or Following Chemotherapy

Individuals who are confronted with losing their hair from chemotherapy or radiation therapy frequently select one wig and afterward substitute wearing the wig(s) with caps and scarves. Keep in mind, hair will grow back, despite the fact that its thickness, surface, and shading may not be equivalent to its condition before treatment. How should I […]

What to Expect When an Offender Receives a DUI in Tennessee

Driving drunk, otherwise called “driving under the influence” (DUI), is unlawful in Tennessee. The DUI laws in Tennessee include blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits for adults and minors, criminal sentences with prison time and fines, driver’s permit repudiations, and implied consent to alcohol testing for all drivers.  BAC Limits  Tennessee has a blood alcohol level […]

Personal Care Facilities Slowly Opening to Visitors Following Outbreak of COVID-19

Personal care facilities have steadily returned to welcoming guests, permitting inhabitants to reconnect with their friends and family following quite a while of detachment. Visits presently can not seem to get back to their pre-pandemic standards, especially for occupants and guests who have not yet been immunized. Temperature screenings, social separating and an accentuation on […]