Historic Verdict with Logan-Thompson, P.C.

Logan-Thompson has worked for small and large businesses and corporations in business litigation for years. We focus on providing detailed services to help our clients win and resolve business disputes. We proudly represented Elkin’s Cricket Farm in Bradley County, Tennessee, against a local Co-op and Tennessee Mill Feed, who neglected their duties as a feed supplier. 

Our client purchased and used the same cricket feed for years from the local Co-op, which sold cricket feed from the previously mentioned mill. After our client’s cricket population started to dip and dwindle, our client had the cricket feed tested for harmful ingredients that could be affecting his crop. He had the mill send a representative to research and test the cricket feed, and after the mill received the results, they neglected to inform any of their clients of the pesticide-laden feed they were selling. Our client continued to purchase this feed for over five months without knowing it was contaminated and thus, killing his crickets and farm production. The original cricket population was well over 40,000,000 before 2014. However, that population dwindled in 2014, leaving our client with nearly 3,000 crickets. The client and other farmers discussed alternative products and ideas to increase cricket production and livelihood. After researching, our client found an alternative cricket feed that increased their farm’s cricket population. 

This historic verdict of over 1.6 million dollars is the highest jury verdict (in recent memory) in Bradley County, Tennessee. We’re pleased that Logan-Thompson, P.C. could help this local farmer and his cricket farm.

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