Scalp Treatments During Chemo

Doctors may recommend different scalp treatments to care for your scalp as you go through the chemotherapy and radiation process. The internet has valuable suggestions and information for the dos and don’ts of scalp care. Fortunately, we’ve read numerous articles and patient testimonies to develop a suggestion list of scalp treatments and ideas for you. 

We’ve discussed shaving your head as hair loss occurs, and most people suggest taking it down to a buzz instead of a clean, bare scalp. You’ll want to care for your scalp with a hydrating, chemical-free shampoo. If you choose to use a conditioner, follow the same guidelines. Many non-hydrating ingredients and harmful chemicals are often labeled suspiciously, as parabens are dangerous to the hair and skin; you will also want to watch out for prefixes like ethyl, butyl, methyl, or propyl. 

Patients agree that these guidelines are great for lotions and serums, too. You’ll want cooling and hydrating lotions to help with the redness and itchiness accompanied by the chemotherapy and hair loss process. To avoid further irritation, you’ll want to stay away from heavy fragrance-based and petroleum-based lotions and focus on lotions or oils with vitamin E. Petroleum is a thick skin protectant, so it won’t allow your scalp to breathe. You’ll want to refrain from scalp stimulators as they can irritate your scalp during the transition. Many patients rave about lavender, coconut, and sunflower oil for scalp hydration. 

Hopefully, this helps your process through chemotherapy and radiation.

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