Cell Phone Protection Policy Saves Church

John served as the Senior Pastor of the little Church in rural Connecticut. Their attendance rarely exceeded 100, yet they were proud of the work throughout the year. Their small Church structure and modest property may not have been that of the mega-ministries, but Pastor John and his congregation were proud of it and ensured that it was maintained in pristine condition.

Unfortunately, one Sunday, the Pastor had someone go to the local supermarket for some grape juice for their morning communion service. On the way to the store, the driver began texting and had a terrible accident. Everyone was grief-stricken because of the damage done to lives and property. However, one injured sought recompense from the Church (since the texting driver was on Church business).

It looked as if this would be the demise of Pastor John’s ministry and result in the loss of the Church property to pay the lawsuit. But Pastor John and his Church were covered.

Chitwood’s Cell Phone Policy Saves the Day

Almost six months prior to the accident, Pastor John had attended a Church Management Conference. There he engaged our services and purchased the Cell Phone Protection Policy. He wasted no time getting the licensed drivers in his Church to sign the policy.

Since this particular texting driver had signed the policy, the Church was free from any damage claims sought by the injured parties.

It’s Not What You Know That Will Hurt You

Pastors and Church Leaders all across the USA never think scenarios like those mentioned above could happen to them. That is naivety personified.

Just because you or your Church has not been subjected to this kind of action or any other legal activity does not mean it cannot happen quickly. To assume your Church will be spared from any type of lawsuit or investigative action demonstrates that you do not know the world in which we live.
As my grandmother used to say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” In other words, it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

As a blessing to Pastors and Churches across the USA, you may download this Cell Phone Protection Policy via your e-mail address. Click on this link and follow the instructions.

We Are The Best

For 80 years, Chitwood & Chitwood has been providing oversight for thousands of Churches across this great nation. At our Church Management Conferences, we teach what Pastors and Church Leaders should know and provide them with resources to protect their Church, not only from the IRS but also from lawsuits in this tort-focused society in which we live.

Every Pastor, Pastor’s Spouse, and Church Leader must attend the next Church Management Conference. It is not what you know that will hurt you—it is what you don’t know. To register for a conference nearest you, visit us at www.cmtc.org or call 800-344-0076. You will be glad you did.

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