Losing My Hair, Losing Myself: How To Cope With Chemotherapy-Related Hair Loss

Hair loss can be an emotionally difficult process, especially when it’s related to chemotherapy treatment for cancer or another medical condition. When your hair starts falling out, and you have to go bald, it can be hard to feel like yourself anymore. This article covers the basics of hair loss during chemotherapy treatment. It offers some tips on coping with it emotionally and physically so you can preserve your self-esteem through this difficult period of your life.

Hair Loss With Chemotherapy

The side effects of chemotherapy vary for everyone who undergoes treatment. One of those potential side effects is hair loss. For some people undergoing chemotherapy, hair loss may be minor or minimal; for others, it can be significant and complete. If you’re one of these people who lose their hair to chemo, you might feel helpless or worried about your appearance. Even if you aren’t dealing with extreme hair loss due to cancer treatment, it’s normal to worry about losing your locks from other causes.

Ways To Handle Stress When Your Hair Falls Out

You’re in a vulnerable place. When you are going through treatment and losing your hair, it’s natural to feel that you are losing control over a lot of things in your life. Knowing how to handle your hair falling out can be difficult when you’re diagnosed with cancer and begin chemotherapy treatment. There are several things you can do to deal with it in a healthy way. Take care of yourself and stay focused on your treatment. If possible, allow someone else—like a friend or family member—to help you when washing your hair or applying shampoo. It’s important that you do not pull your hair out due to anxiety or stress related to chemotherapy treatment. Taking care of yourself and finding ways to stay positive will help keep stress levels down and alleviate anxiety; these actions also enable you to focus on recovery rather than getting wrapped up in concerns about how chemotherapy may affect your appearance.

Ways To Deal With Self-Esteem Issues

Research suggests that self-esteem issues stem from a feeling of alienation and can be treated with familiarization therapy. To combat self-esteem issues following chemotherapy treatments, find ways to stay connected to your daily life and routine. Your hair loss is only temporary; it’s important to remember that you have more than just your physical appearance to define yourself. Go through old photos of yourself; reread letters and cards you’ve received; write an email or letter to someone thanking them for their support during a difficult time; put on music that reminds you of happy times in your life. Taking these steps will ensure you don’t lose yourself in your battle with cancer.

Wigs And Chemotherapy

Many women who lose their hair due to chemotherapy use wigs and other hair replacements to regain a sense of normalcy. Visit Wig Palace in East Ridge to find the perfect wig for you during your cancer journey. It’s no secret that many patients feel embarrassed or self-conscious about losing their hair due to chemotherapy treatments. While it may seem like an easy fix to cover up thinning or missing locks with a wig or other type of head covering, finding one that is right for you can be quite challenging if you don’t know where to look. The staff at Wig Palace can help you find the perfect wig to make you feel more like yourself during chemotherapy.

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