Cold and Flu Season

With cold and flu season around the corner, ensuring you and your visitors practice safe and sanitary health is important. Although we will never force you or your friends and family members to partake in specific vaccines or medications, we will ensure all visitors abide by our safety and health guidelines. As our members age gracefully, they are also more prone to common colds, viruses, and other illnesses. No matter where you go, here are some standard health practices that will help limit the transmission of germs.


Hand Washing:


Hand washing is a simple yet effective way to avoid spreading germs and illnesses to others. Not only do your hands touch your face, eyes, mouth, etc., but your hands touch everything around you. We recommend visitors wash or sanitize their hands before coming to the facility. We also encourage visitors and residents to use sanitizer frequently and wash their hands throughout the day and on any visits. 




If you or your visitors are feeling ill, we will request isolation. Due to the nature of our facility and residents, we cannot increase the chances of viruses and illnesses harming our staff or residents. Mary & Martha’s Personal Care facility will always abide by health and safety practices to the best of its ability. Unfortunately, due to previous worldwide health issues, we know that viruses and germs can quickly affect our facility types, thus causing great harm.

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