How To Choose Your First Wig

We know being diagnosed with cancer is life-changing, but choosing your first wig doesn’t need to be harder than it is. We can walk you through selecting your first wig. We’ll discuss each wig’s types, styles, and fit and feel. With The Wig Palace, we’ll care for you and help you feel more like yourself after this life-changing event. 

Wig Education

Our educated staff will discuss your options on wig types. There’s ample information available from your doctors and the internet. If you’ve joined any blogs or social media groups, you know many of the pros and cons of each wig type. The biggest thing we’ll educate you on is the comfort of your wig. From styling it to adjusting it in public, these small details will make a huge difference in the overall comfort for you and your wig.

Your First Wig

When you first wear your first wig in public, you’ll need to fluff it just as you would your hair to gain volume and help style it. We’ll ensure you have a wig cap or wig grip to help with security. Wig or hair grips are wider, soft bands that appear like headbands. These will allow the hair prosthetic to rest on the band, preventing unwanted shifting. Wig caps are full caps that set onto your head, allowing the wig to place on top of it instead of your skin. Both these options help reduce headaches and friction.

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