Coping with Hair Loss

When diagnosed with cancer, one huge question is, “Will I lose my Hair?” When dealing with chemotherapy treatments, it can be hard to know which patients will lose their hair and which won’t. Sometimes, the drugs can cause your hair to thin or can cause hair loss only on the scalp. It is perfectly normal for someone to feel upset about hair loss, but remember that the best thing about losing your hair due to chemotherapy is that it will grow back! 

Preparing for Hair Loss

Find a support group: Even though you know hair loss is sometimes a side effect of cancer treatments, not everyone understands the emotional toll it can take. Having a support group that is going through the same situation to turn to for advice or guidance is helpful. 

Cut Your Hair Before Treatment: The fact is that having long strands of hair fall out in clumps while showering or brushing your hair after starting treatment can be emotionally traumatic. Cutting your hair before beginning treatment can help you accept that your hair will fall out and help you decide how to handle the hair loss due to chemotherapy. 

Buy a Wig: If you decide to wear a wig, the staff here at The Wig Palace can help you choose the perfect wig for your hair loss. We will help you find the wig that makes you feel the most beautiful and comfortable during your cancer journey. We have various styles and cuts for you to choose from and many wig accessories and styling products that will make your wig journey pain-free. 

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