Social Security and Disability Payments

If you’re one of the millions of Americans living off social security and disability, know that you are not alone in your financial troubles. The Social Security Administration recently revealed its lack of government funding had caused extended delays for recipients. We’re not just talking about a few days or weeks but delayed decisions close to six months or longer. Decisions can take a while, but the added delay is causing many people a financial crisis.


Disability applicants need their financial records, work history, medical records, and different checks and balances to confirm they are disabled and no longer able to work traditionally. The process can increase exponentially depending on the applicant’s history. You can download the form from the Social Security Administration website to get started. They also offer a checklist to begin the process here


If you’re on disability, it will convert to social security once you hit retirement age. Now, the retirement age varies, as in you can retire and collect at age 62, but you would not get the full amount until you retire at 70. Every month you receive social security before age 70, the social security amount decreases. Social Security (SS) helps millions of Americas after they retire. For many, retirement dreams look like golfing days, traveling, and spending time with family members and grandkids. However, with the inflation and lack of funding, many retirees are experiencing a financial crisis. If you’re looking for help or support, please reach out, and we’ll see how we can expedite or appeal the process.

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