Fall Activities

Last month, we talked about some Fall fun, so this month we’ll be picking up on the Fall theme but with crafts and activity suggestions. We love a good crafting session as it helps keep our minds young and hearts happy. We talked about food and flavors last time, but here are some of our favorite activities and crafts. The best thing about it is that we can get together as a group at the facility or with visitors like friends and family. 


Indoor Activities


Quilting is one of our favorite indoor activities, and with Fall’s cooler temperatures, it means more blankets and quilts. It’s not only a great activity for us, but it also gives us happiness and joy to give our work to others for birthday or holiday gifts. We also love painting with Fall themes and colors, as painting helps us see the world even when the weather doesn’t let us go out. We also love the Fall movies for Halloween and leading into the holiday season. 


Outdoor Activities


We love this season for the cooler weather and the opportunity to enjoy picking some delicious fruits and seasonal items. Apple picking and pumpkin patches are easy Fall favorites. Not only are these flavors delightful to cook and bake with, but we love getting out and feeling young again. There’s happiness, laughter, and sweet families all around. It’s a great activity to do with friends and loved ones. We love seeing our grandkids filled with wonder!

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