Fall is Around the Corner

With Fall around the corner, it’s time for cooler weather and darker wig options. We all know it can be fun to dye and change your hair color. Even though it may be a tough time in your life, know that The Wig Palace is here to help make every wig stage as comfortable and pleasant as possible. We know that wigs have a negative reputation for being too thick or too hot. Cooler weather means the wigs will feel less warm and more enjoyable. 


Darker colors for Fall are common for hair colors, wardrobe, and interior design. Fall brings out the spooky in us all! We love having multiple reasons to embrace our collection and spice up you and your wig choices. We understand that you may want something as similar to your natural color as possible, and we support and recognize the difficulty in selecting something different as you go through this challenging process. We can help you embrace the transition to whatever makes you feel like the best version of yourself. 


The Autumn season is often associated with brunettes, deep reds, and blacks. We see these tones in nature and the decor around us. If you previously dyed your hair a darker color come Fall, bring in any pictures as references. We can help you feel like you did before the treatments and hair loss. We’d love to see your inspirational photos if you’re embracing something entirely different. We’ll find something that makes you feel beautiful and ready for Fall. 

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