Seniors and Heat: Staying Hydrated and Safe

With the added Summer heat, our humidity feels heavier and stickier. We know that keeping hydrated is essential for anybody, especially those with medical needs or older. Seniors are a large part of the population, and we need to watch for signs of heatstroke in those around us.

For our residents, we make sure they have easy access to many beverages, but most importantly, water and Gatorade with electrolytes. Sweating is the body’s way of regulating its temperature; unfortunately, senior citizens do not sweat like younger people. They are more prone to heatstroke, dizziness, and falling. We take extra care of our residents, so you shouldn’t worry too much. However, we recommend a few things if you care for an older loved one.

Recommendations for Seniors

Besides staying hydrated, doctors recommend that seniors stay inside during extreme heat. We provide numerous indoor activities to keep our residents safe and cool. Not only should seniors stay inside during extreme heat and humidity, but they should have as much AC and ventilation as possible to keep cool. Additionally, seniors should be aware of their medications and their side effects. Sun can cause increased side effects on many medications. It’s important to discuss this with a doctor. When it’s hot out, seniors should dress appropriately in light-colored clothing that protects their skin from sunburn and skin cancer. Longer sleeves, hats, and pants can cover the skin properly, and lighter-colored clothing will keep seniors cool.

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